Lëtzebuergesch – Entrepise Formula

Lëtzebuergesch – Entrepise Formula

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scheduleCan be scheduled over 1 to 2 weeks only.

date_rangeFrom Monday to Friday

location_onBy videoconference, on your premises or in a private space reserved for the lessons.

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You have been in Luxembourg for 20 years and you say to yourself: “What if I asked for my Luxembourg nationality?”

Your will is being realized today with Etic Lëtzebuergesch. Our training center offers you intensive courses with motivating professionals, allowing you to meet your wishes in record time.

Stop procrastinating,book your intensive course in less than 3 minutes on our site and leave with your Luxembourgish certificate necessary to obtain your nationality in just 2 weeks !

This intensive formula made for you can be followed in the morning, afternoon or evening.


Being able to get to know your interlocutor, with simple questions and answers.

Communicate fluently if the other party speaks slowly and clearly.


In accordance with nationality law, no exam is required to obtain your certificate. Only participation is compulsory.

businessEntreprise Formula

You are a business owner, HR Manager or Team Leader and want to offer your employees Luxembourgish courses as well as the possibility of obtaining Luxembourgish nationality?

Contact us now to find out what ETIC can do for you!


Contact us by email or phone to set your dates.

Classes take place from Monday to Friday.


The lessons can take place by videoconference, on your premises or in a private space reserved for the lessons.

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Contact us by email or phone and receive a tailor-made quote for your business.

groupsWith Who

ETIC adapts to your needs. Depending on the number of participants, ETIC will define the ideal number of participants per group.

Classes are taught by qualified, experienced teachers and pedagogues.


For any practical information (reservation, payment, timetables, etc.) and for any advice relating to the choice of formulas, do not hesitate: Etic Lëtzebuergesch is at your disposal!

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