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My name is Aileen.

I have been a Luxembourgish teacher at ETIC Academy for over 2 years. I graduated with a Master in Education, Language and Literature from the University of Luxembourg.

With Etic Lëtzebuergesch, we offer specific training to obtain the certification required to acquire Luxembourg nationality under the law of March 8, 2017 on nationality.

Discover our competitive formulas and, above all, come and learn in a pleasant and motivating environment.

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ETIC Lëtzebuergesch was created by Nathanaël Benizri, founder of ETIC Academy, with the aim of offering training courses dedicated to learning Luxembourgish in order to facilitate access to Luxembourg nationality under the law of March 8, 2017 on nationality.

ETIC Lëtzebuergesch therefore benefits from the experience and quality of training provided by ETIC Academy for more than 3 years. A guarantee of quality today widely recognized throughout Luxembourg.

ETIC Lëtzebuergesch is recognized by the Luxembourg national ministry of education for providing these specific trainings.

Approved under the reference SFA / AGRF / 20.


Beyond its unique identity and the joy that success with ETIC Lëtzebuergesch brings, lies a strong methodology validated by experience.

Thanks to this experience, ETIC Lëtzebuergesch is able to offer you different effective plans at competitive prices.

Choosing ETIC Lëtzebuergesch its selecting the formula that suits you best while ensuring your success.



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